We recommend that your website should be built on top of a Content Management System (CMS).

The main reason is that your business needs to be able to respond quickly to change. Change in customer behaviour, market opportunities, seasonal  trends, events, supplier pricing and product ranges to name but a few. You may be generating the change yourself, by launching a new product or service

As your business changes, your website must also change to reflect how you want potential customers to see you. This may can involve relatively minor changes to pricing or images, through to major promotions involving mailshots, voucher and loyalty schemes.

If your website cannot be changed quickly enough it becomes out-of-date, and an out-of-date website is almost worse than having no website at all.

In our opinion the best CMS is Joomla - This site is built using Joomla version 3, and the default responsive template that comes with it.

  • Joomla's powerful administration makes it simple to change your content
  • Joomla has many basic website functions built in to support Search Engine Optimisation, Contact Forms, RSS and Blogs et. Website creation is fast.
  • Joomla has hundreds of extensions available to provide almost any type of additional functionality you may want, such as image galleries, forums, mailing lists etc.
  • Joomla is International, there are scores of language packs available to ensure that, where appropriate, you can get your message across in the best possible way.

We can teach you how to manage your own website. If you can create and edit a Microsoft Word document, then you create and manage your own website content text and images.

Or, if you prefer we can even manage your website on your behalf.

Talk to us today to get up to speed, and stay there....